What is Estate Planning?

It means to plan for you to have control over yourself and your property.  We work with you to help you put the right documents in the right hands to take over when you can’t.  For example, a plan will include Health Care Directives to outline what medical treatments you want or don’t want if you are unable to take care of yourself. Additionally, the plan will have a Power of Attorney which spells out who gets to stand in your shoes and speak for you. We walk you through a process to help you hone your plan to fill your wishes.

There may be several different parts to your estate plan, but all of it boils down to you being in control even if you can’t speak for yourself.  

Please note:  estate planning is more than just drafting documents and putting them on the shelf. Annually updates suggested. Never should your estate plan go longer than 3 years without being reviewed. So while you can pat yourself on the back for finishing your documents that is just the beginning of the on-going process.