Kansas City Wins the World Series! Local Schools are Closed! What Memories Are You Going to Make?

Congratulations to the Kansas City Royals!  

This is a big deal!  Everyone needs to take a moment to mark this victory. The last time the Royals were the world champions was in 1985. So for the past three decades everyone talks about where they were and who they were with when the Royals won. It is just these stories that bind family and friends together.  

My husband and his brother had a bet on the 1985 World Series.  My husband is a big St. Louis Cardinals fan.  I think that part of that is because the first major league game he went to was with his dad and they were cheering for St. Louis.  At the time it was the only major league team in Missouri. So in the I-70 world series, my husband was cheering for St. Louis and his brother was cheering for the Royals.  The bet was the loser had to wear a tee-shirt.  My husband had to wear the tee shirt with a dead cardinal on it.  His brother delights in telling the retelling the story (over and over).

No School Tomorrow for Most Local Schools in Kansas City

Most people are so excited to honor the Royals tomorrow.  In fact, many parents and students asked to miss school tomorrow to participate in the parade and rally.  So it is not surprising that many schools have chosen to re-schedule school tomorrow so that people can spend the day together.  This will be a day to remember.  This is a story that little kids will be telling and retelling. 

I suggest that you spend the day together if you can.  Take lots of pictures and make some wonderful family memories. These stores will be told and retold for years to come.

We we talk about leaving more than just your money, we are talking about leaving your values and your stories.  As part of your estate plan with our firm we do legacy interviews.  These interviews provide a wonderful way to preserve your stories and your values.  

Offer to Honor the Fallen Fighters -- some of the other Kansas City Heroes!

For the first 5 qualified people that mention this blog and come in to do a Family Wealth Planning Session, I will donate $100 to the Local 42 Fund Raiser for the families of fallen KCFD fighters Larry Leggio and John Mesh in your name. 



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Susan, I enjoyed reading of the brothers' bet, enjoyed your suggestion about sharing the Royals celebration with pic and togetherness, and was touched by your pledge to doante monies honoring the fallen KCFD fire-fighters. I'll just say it, "you rock!"
by Julia November 4, 2015 at 07:47 PM
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