One person's treasure is another's trash!

I always suggest that you talk to your family about what you’re doing to pass along those family treasures.  One of my friends shared the following story on Facebook, and with her permission I have changed the names and am sharing her story with you.  You may be surprised by what your loved ones think about your treasures.

I was feeling nostalgic the other day, so I mentioned to my oldest that when I am gone, the silver punch bowl was to be hers.  After a short pause, Emily told me, "Nope, not taking it!"

 “But Emily, it's silver, has 48 cups (all of which have to polished each time) and it is the "family" punch bowl!"   I could not understand why my daughter would not love to have my treasures.

"Nope, whoever gets stuck with that, gets stuck with every Christmas brunch, Thanksgiving, New Year's Eve dinner, Christening, Graduation dinner, engagement announcement, bereavement dinner and baby shower.  Not happening unless you throw in the pearl necklace,” she explained.

I discussed it with my other daughter, Sarah, who thought it was more than fair.  So I guess the necklace is going to Emily too.

I'm afraid to "bequeath" the turkey platter.

So please think about your family treasures and where you want them to go.  If you are like me, then you want the loved ones, who receive your treasures, to cherish them as much as you do. 

I like shopping at estate sales because so many valuable items are at rock bottom prices.  You can always find well-built furniture and housewares. They are often sold because the family did not want or need them.  You may be surprised that the painting you love is worthless to your children.  Sometimes, even family photographs are thrown out because the heirs don’t want them.  It could be that they don’t have a place to put them or maybe they don’t know anyone in the photos so they don’t care about them.  All you have to do is go to a thrift store or an antique store to see photographs discarded by the family that produced them.  

We can help you have this discussion with your family.  If you have updates for your estate plan, please let us know. We will be happy to help you keep your treasures safe and given to the loved ones, who would appreciate and cherish them. 

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