Belly Flops and the Yard Are Not Compatable

Did you miss me?  I have been out of the office for most of the last few weeks. Was I having fun?  No!  December 20, 2015, I was walking out the door with my husband and tripped on part of the land scape.  I was off balance so I tried to run to get my feet under me.  The next thing I know I am falling face first into the ground.  Several years ago I tried to catch myself in a fall and broke my wrist.  I had my arms up to protect my face.

I am so lucky.  My guardian angel was working overtime!  I have a broken nose!  It is much better now!  One of my floating ribs could be broken. (The Doctor asked me if I wanted more X-rays for proof that it was broken or not.)  As the treatment for broken and bruised ribs is the same ... I passed on the extra X-rays. Just today I can lift my right arm over my shoulder!  Yeah!

Medicine and I don't mix well.  I took one pain pill and one muscle relaxer and I was out like a light for 12 hours at a time.  I missed all of the family time for the holidays.  I was asleep in the Lazy Boy in the livingroom.  My husband took very good care of me.

This event serves to remind us that accidents can happen at anytime.  My husband was not able to take me to the hosiptal at the time of the fall.  If you have your health care directive and power of attorney in place then your wishes can be followed. I was so lucky.  I could have ended up not being able to make choices for myself. 


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