Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving!  My staff and I are wishing you the very best holiday!  I really like to take a moment and pause.  We live in the best county in the world.  We have lives that most of the world only dreams about.  Hosting exchange students makes me realize just how wonderful my life really is. 

This fall, I started a new training program, and we were encouraged to list, in writing, three things a day that we accomplished at the end of each day.  The accomplishments could be as simple as merely getting out of bed that day. Some days I start thinking that I just wasted time.  Then I ask myself to really review the day.  Most days it is hard to stop writing at just three things.  I thought that I was just spinning my wheels.  I stop close my eyes and review the day.  Yes, I got this or that finished.

I have been reading about gratitude and decided to add listing, in writing, three blessings each morning for which I was grateful. If this feels hard, I start looking around the house what is important to me.  I look out the window.  What do I see? I start simple. I am grateful that the sun is shinning or that it is raining? I really like the feeling I get on the days that I do both of these task.  I hope that it becomes a habit.  

Let me know if you try this and if you feel better too.  

Life is short and having your ducks in a row and make a big difference. 

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