Phone Scammers Are Targeting Bankruptcy Filers




When you file or relief under the bankruptcy code, you expect the phone to stop ringing with people asking for money.  Usually that is just what happens. 

 However, the Department of Justice has posted a notice about scammers calling debtors and asking for a wire transfer to immediately satisfy a debt. (To Read the Notice )Some of them are even threatening arrest if the debt i

s not paid. According to Vermont's Attorney General the scammers are using the personal information provided in the bankruptcy petitions. The Scammers are using software that makes it appear that the call is coming from the bankruptcy attorney's office during non-business hours.  (To  read more

The United States does not have debtor's prison.  Most Debtors are not at risk for going to prison because most are honest Debtors and don't owe for bad checks or court fines.  You will know if you are at risk for going to jail or prison.  If you have a bad check then we will help you make a plan.

If you are my client, please note:  I might call you after hours but you will know it is me by my voice.  If you have any question as it if I am calling we will comunicate via email.  We will schedule a time to either meet or talk.  Also I will never ask you to immediately pay a debt.  On the other hand, I might ask to you to pay the Chapter 13 Trustee right away.  There is no reason to wire money in the middle of the night.  

This warning is to protect you.  Please let us know if you have any questions.  

What should a Debtor do if they receive a scammer's phone call? 

If you recieve this kind of call then

1. hang up;

2. contact us ASAP

3. do NOT provide any personal or finacial accoutn information to the calling (including agreeing to any questions they ask you).

We will help you report this to the police,  United States Trustee, the Trustee on your case and anyone else that they suggest, including the FBI or the Attorney General's Office.  

Please think before giving any information over the phone.  

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