What happens when Lucy's owner can no longer care for her?

Lucy is the 2 year-old dog of my father-in-law. Her short, so far, life is at a crossroad, For an estimated 1/2 a million U.S. pets, her current crossroad would mean death, according to the Humane Society. Lucy is cute, friendly, young and healthy. Additionally, she is well loved. So you ask how could she be facing death? Or rather how could another pet be facing death because I want to assure you that Lucy is a lucky dog. But first, I need to back up and tell you about the crossroads that Lucy is facing.

Two years ago my dear sweet mother-in-law passed away. My in-laws had been married for 59 years. To fill the void my father-in-law, Abbot, purchased a puppy, sweet Lucy. She is a little bit of a dog. She is a cuddle bunny. Abbot is 85 years old and spent a lot of time with her in his lap. Sadly, age is catching up with him. Despite his sons' best efforts to help care of him at home, it is no longer in Abbot's best interest to stay at home. So last month, we helped him move into the VA home. Unfortunately, Lucy can't move with him. While my brother-in-law gets his new residence, Lucy and he live at the family home. However, my-brother-law does not want to keep Lucy.

For many pets this loss of their guardian is a death sentence. Many pet owners fail to prepare for their to have a place to live out the rest of their days. While it is not clear where Lucy is moving next, I assure you that she is not going to die from homelessness. She will continue to visit Abbot at the VA home every other week as long as they both are enjoying the visits. My dear husband and I will ensure her safety and if necessary provide her a loving home. We have taken her to the dog park so she can enjoy being a dog. We have cats and a dog. I think the kitten will be chasing the tail of Lucy. So Lucy's tail may not be happy at our house but her tale is a happy one.

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Cute dog! If I had one, I'd certainly want to have a plan in place to ensure their his or her safety if something were to happen to me.
by Joshua April 21, 2016 at 12:45 PM
This is my husband, George, with Lucy on his shoulder. They are visiting his father.
by Susan Bratcher October 2, 2015 at 05:13 PM
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