Turned Into A Club Sandwich!

Until yesterday, I just thought we were overworked.  Then I learned that my husband and I, like 1 out of 8 between 40 and 60, are a sandwich maybe even a club sandwich, depending on the day.  My husband, George, is helping care for his 85 year old father, Abbot.  Abbot, his nickname, is living in the VA, but he still has not finished his transfer of his personal and real estate.  I thought this would go well.  My brother in law and husband get along, or got along very well until last month. 

George is retired, but he has some major health issues, including congestive heart failure, He works hard at staying healthy, but he has to take care and not be around colds, flu or and thing that he can catch.  My brother in law, who I am calling Frank, works part-time.  Both of them have been spending at least one day a week visiting Abbot and running for his to do list.

Frank and his best friend make money selling things online and in thrift stores. So I thought that they would photograph everything for sell and move forward.  NO!  I was dead wrong.  They cleaned up the house.  Yeah!  But we had things that each brother had said that they wanted.  We are busy with our lives -- my husband being honored for his over 38 years as a fire fighter, a teenage exchange student -- promo, and me with my practice.  We go over to discover that they had sold several things that my husband said he wanted plus they marked very personal things for sale -- like my husband's boy scout pins and a charm bracelet with baby photos of my husband and brother-in-law.  

This is not resolved but we had to call the police because Frank's friend started over turning tables of china and glassware.  Additionally, he grabbed my arm when I tried to stop him from over turning the tables. He also tried to fight my husband. We discovered that the prices were much to low and we wanted to change them.  He was insulted and went crazy. Almost every estate sale person we had out wanted to buy everything at the prices marked.  We are working to get more money for my father-in-law.

My husband and his brother have always had a good relationship.  But this is crazy.  My husband and I want to get as much for the estate as possible for my father-in-law.  I also was crying as I remember the story about most of the things that my mother-in-law had.  I took the Medicine Horse Sign we brought her to hand up in her hospital room.  She loved it.  

This is just and other reminder that estate planning is required.  Don't let your kids pay the price for failing to plan.  See us today for your estate plan.  

If you are in the middle of taking care of your parents and your kids then you are in a sandwich.

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