Who will take grandmother's photo?

My mother-in-law, Vionne, past away almost two years about.  I am thinking about her a lot these days. We are sorting those family photos, making copies to share.  I thought about her story about her grandmother worrying about who would care for a photograph.  

Vionne's grandmother was telling family stories one day.  She came across a photograph of her grandmother, Charity Best Weldon. Vionne's Grandma Gray had tears in her eyes when she wondered aloud who would take Grandma Weldon's photograph.  Grandma Weldon died shortly after Vionne's father was born. Grandma Gray started telling Vionne all about Grandma Weldon.  Vionne had so much love in her voice when she told me the story that I know that both Grandma Gray and Grandma Weldon were very loved. Vionne comforted her grandmother that she would care for the photograph. 

I loved Vionne and we will ensure that the photo will not be thrown out, but to do that we have to talk about the old stories.  They have to be given meaning and someone has to know who is who in the photos.  If you want share stories with your family and friends about things that have value to you then you have to talk about them.  If you just pack things away then when it comes time to sort out your belongings who will know what they are or even that they had meaning to you.  

We help our clients share stories about things that have meaning to them.  

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